Web 2.0 resources (you will need to register for each of these applications):

  • Voice Thread: Click this link to see how this free application can allow students to collaborate about the books that they read using a variety of mediums. This site is also a wonderful way for students to explore vocabulary words.

Voice Thread
  • Google Docs: Click this link to see how this free application allows students to collaborate using written text.

  • Photo Peach A free online source that takes your digital photos and creates a slideshow with music. Viewers can leave comments after seeing the slide show.
  • Wordle Use this free tool for all sorts of literacy skills. This power point outlines a few fantastic features. This should be used by teachers only. Some content may be inappropriate for younger students.
  • Wordsift This tool was designed specifically for educators. I prefer it over Wordle. I suggest viewing the Demo to learn about this very cool tool.